Pygmy Hippo Projects

The Côte d'Ivoire Pygmy Hippo Project: Research and Actions for the Conservation of Pygmy Hippopotamus in Côte d'Ivoire

PROJECT CONTACT: Inza Koné and Karim Ouattarra



The Côte d'Ivoire Pygmy Hippo Project was initiatied in 2010 jointly by CSRS and IBREAM to help preserve the animal in the wild and save it save it from extinction. The project comprises a Research component and an Education component.

The specific objectives of the project are :

  • to update the distribution and conservation status of the pygmy hippo in Côte d'Ivoire ;
  • to document the biology and behavioral ecology of the pygmy hippopotamus in the wild ;
  • to raise awareness for the conservation of the Pygmy hippo in Côte d'Ivoire, especially in the Tai National Park.

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Pygmy hippo Community Youth Conservation Volunteer Programme of the Gola Rainforest National Park (GRNP), Sierra Leone 

PROJECT CONTACT: Dr. Alessandro Albani

EMAIL: Alessandro.Albani


Long-term protection of pygmy hippos in the Gola region with the active involvement and support of local communities.

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